Why is 'global climate change' being taught to our 6th graders?

Our 13 year old granddaughter attends a middle school here in South Mississippi, typical time to learn science. But her dad found this crumpled up test in her backpack- and questioned some of the questions. What does a 13 year old know about "historical trends"?

One of those (not pictured) gave multiple choices to answer: What can you do to help with methane gas emissions in the future? (I wanted to say 'be careful what you feed your cows!) But she answered- plant more trees. The correct answer? Become a vegan! Hey- it took us 8 years to get her to eat a chicken nugget, and she just tried bacon for the first time 2 months ago- we're not going backwards now! What's your response to this?

Sherri Marengo

Sherri Marengo

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