Kirk Hammett REALLY wants this rare 1932 poster!

Metallica's Kirk Hammett talks about his lifelong obsession with the horror genre -- and how it's affected even the music he makes -- in a video posted by Sotheby's to promote its online auction of a pricey poster for the iconic 1932 movie The Mummy.  The seven-minute clip is titled Why Metallica's Kirk Hammett Can't Stop Collecting Horror and includes this revealing quote about how his passion for the macabre comes out in his music:  The Mummy poster features the tagline "It's Comes to Life!" over paintings of the film's star, Boris Karloff, and his love interest, Zita Johann (pr: YO-hahn). Bidding starts at $950,000 for the item, which is expected to fetch between $1-million and $1.5-million. The auction ends at noon ET on Halloween (October 31st).

Sherri Marengo

Sherri Marengo

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