If you enjoy "creepy" stories like I do, this podcast is for YOU!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my newest podcast obsession...Radio Rental! This podcast was brought to my attention by someone in a group I'm in on Facebook for My Favorite Murder podcast/ Paranormal story fans. ALL of the comments lead me to believe that this was one I needed to try out. Every single person binged the entire series and loved the format. So, yesterday, I gave it a shot and man, let me tell you, it has NOT disappointed!

Radio Rental, a new podcast from Tenderfoot TV, the platform behind true-crime podcasts like Up and Vanished and Atlanta Monster (WHICH I LOVED), in partnership with podcast company Cadence13. RR is hosted by Tenderfoot co-founder Payne Lindsey and is a semi-scripted series that features real people sharing their personal horror stories. The stories range from close brushes with serial killers to ghost stories that have unbelievable twists. If it sounds like a spooky-story subreddit come to life, that’s because it's how it all came about. Lindsey spent the last year finding interesting stories on Reddit and other online forums. He reached out to people to see if they would be willing to share their stories on the podcast (and also hoping that they’d be good at telling their stories into a mic). He says about 30% of the people he reached out to got back to him, and that's how we got Radio Rental.

“They are stories that are like real-life Twilight Zone moments, where sometimes they’re explained, sometimes they’re not,” Lindsey told one magazine.

Why the name "RADIO RENTAL"??

The show takes its name from cockney rhyming slang for “mental,” as in going crazy. The show is themed around a fictional video-store clerk named Terry Carnation, voiced by Rainn Wilson who many know as Dwight K. Shrute from "The Office", who has a secret VHS collection of spooky tales, which turn out to be the stories Lindsey and his team recorded. Rainn is weird as is it, but add in video store clerk to the mix and he is PERFECT for the gig.

I'm only two episodes in and I cannot WAIT to sit in car-line waiting to pick up my kiddo so I can listen to more!

Here's a little peak into what it's like...and the link to listen FREE on the iHeartRadio app!

Happy Renting, my friends!

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