Zac Efron to star in remake of one of my FAVORITE movies!

One thing that Quarantine times gave us was the growth and development..aka the matured version of Zac Efron! If you haven't seen his new show on Netflix, you are MISSING OUT! (Trailer below) The dude is no longer just a teen heartthrob, but a genuinely likable celebrity who happens to have beautiful eyes and now...a glorious beard. HUBBA DADGUM HUBBA.

News broke yesterday that Zac will star in a "Three Men and a Baby" remake for Disney+, but unfortunately, that's pretty much all that's known about the project at this point.

The original came out in 1987 and starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as three New York bachelors who find themselves caring for an infant. There was also a sequel called "Three Men and a Little Lady". BOTH OF THESE rank on my favorite movies of all time list. I'm really excited to see Zac in this one, and even more anxious to find out who the other two dads will be!

Interesting Side Note: "Three Men and a Baby" was the first live-action Disney movie to cross the $100 million mark domestically. If you haven't watched them, now is a good time to hop on it. If anything, it will give you smiles through tough times.

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