Brad Paisley's new video is the most relatable video of 2020!!

It might be hard to find anyone who's been busier during the pandemic than Brad Paisley. We've seen him Zooming with teachers, nurses, and those two "Relax and Have a Beer" guys. He's even ZOOM BOMBED a few meetings here and there.

He's been clowning around the house with his wife Kimberly and posting that too. I love watching those two. They're just stinkin cute. Recently he asked fans to send clips because he wanted to put ALL of that in his "No I in Beer" video. He ended up getting submissions from 39 COUNTRIES!! INSANE!

He said, quote, "I started to realize that most of the things that I've spent my time doing over the course of this pandemic kind of worked for the theme of the song. These virtual things we're all doing, just kind of worked."

Well, some of those "virtual things" included clips of his famous friends, so they're in the video too!! In all, it has over 225 people, and includes cameos from Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, Jimmie Allen, Kelsea Ballerini, Peyton Manning, Clayton Kershaw, Alex Rodriguez, and Carrie Underwood.

(Here's video. Tim, Darius, and Jimmie are at 1:14. Kelsea is at 1:26 - Peyton at 1:34 - Clayton is 1:36 - A-Rod is 1:43 - and Carrie is at 2:22.)

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