Unpopular Opinion: BIRD BOX


Y'all know me. The second a new "thriller" show or movie hits the web, I'm binge watching it. When I first saw the trailer for Sandra Bullock's "Birdbox", a Netflix Original also starring Sarah Paulson (who I love), I knew I wanted to see it immediately! December 21st around 2am, restless, I checked and the movie was up! I would stay locked into my tv for the next two hours. 

The movie held my attention. Sandra Bullock was, of course, flawless. She is one of the most underrated actresses of our time. She is such a myriad of characters in this film and all but forces you to appreciate her talent and raw beauty.

Now that we have gotten Bullock out of the way... the movie to me was just "meh". For me, "Birdbox" was a combination of other films I had seen. Specifically, "The Happening" and "The Quiet Ones". However, at least in "The Happening" we didn't ruin a hell of a concept and two hours of build up by trying to tie a pretty bow onto a dark and interesting story. Why do people feel like they need to give every story a happy ending? That's not the real world. This one would've been much better had they left the ending open or mysterious in some way instead of  "blissful". DUMB. DUMB DUMB DUMB. I felt completely let down by this movie and have NO CLUE how people actually felt scared after watching it?

I was so furious by the end of the movie that I sat up straight in bed and said, "WAIT. WHAT?!". Look, give it a go. Share the memes. They're the best part of "Birdbox" anyway.



Johnna is a "Gulf Coast Girl" through and through. With family spanning from Vancleave to Pensacola and every tiny town in between. She is a mommy to a 10yr old little girl who she describes as her "mini me". Johnna's intense passion for the Gulf...


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