NASA Scientist Believes Aliens Already Visited Us

According to a scientist from NASA, aliens may have already paid Earth a visit without us realizing. NASA computer scientist Silvano P Colombano has published a research paper in which he suggests that aliens may not come in the bug-eyed, carbon-based form that humans have long imagined them… which means they could come and go from our planet unnoticed.

Colombano says that in order for scientists’ search for extraterrestrial life to advance, they should reconsider common assumptions about how aliens look and travel. For example, aliens could be “extremely tiny super-intelligent entities” that have already mastered interstellar travel that could bring them to our planet.

The scientist also points out that people have made a lot of assumptions about how UFOs look, as well. Not only are scientists being put off of researching UFOs because of the “high likelihood of hoaxes,” but actual UFOs may be going unnoticed thanks to these restricting, dated assumptions.

Isn't that crazy when you stop and think about it? Those little suckers could be hanging out in our pocket or ear canal right now! LOL

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