TMSG: 86-Year-Old Woman Created Stuffed Animal Zoo On Her Front Lawn

86-Year-Old Nancy Connor wanted to do something to inspire happiness in people during the coronavirus pandemic. Connor told NBC10 WJAR that she's never seen the world look so sad,

"I went through World War II which was tough but it's nothing like what's happening now everything is so sad. People are walking up and down the street looking very sad and I thought well what can I do? I'm handicapped. I can't go out there and do anything, but people love animals."

So she took her stimulus money and built a zoo in her front yard to make people happy as they walked by. She bought dozens of giant stuffed animals and statues of animals on Amazon. Then she got some help from a local firefighter who lives on her street to place the animals all around her yard. From lions to monkeys to penguins, there was every kind of animal you could think of. She even had a sign up that reads "Welcome to the Zoo."

She said seeing peoples' smiles was worth all of the effort because people were finally looking happy and it made her happy in return.

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