The Mirror Ball MIRACLE and how my kid reacted!

As you probably already know, against all odds Bobby Bones and Sharna brought home the mirror ball last night on Dancing with the Stars! Liiterally, Vegas odds had him DEAD LAST when the show cast was announced a few months ago. I LOVED watching him this season. 

I will be 100% honest. Although I was rooting for them, I DID NOT see him winning. Other than the dude from The Bachelor, Bobby was up against an entire cast of PERFORMERS ranging from an Olympic Medalist to Broadway performers. Look, I'm not going to debate how they cast this show, but I think Bobby stood for EXACTLY what this show is about. He walked onto the set with zero dancing background compared to others who had been training in some fashion their entire lives. He worked his booty off to make it to the finale and THEY KILLED IT. 

Why do I think Bobby won? While the other cast members had performance experience under their belts giving them a slight advantage on the dance floor, Bobby had US. Last night proved that the power of radio is real. Every morning for months we listened to Bobby's journey. We watched him FIGHT-GRIND-REPEAT each week. He won the remaining hearts of Americans that had not fallen for him years ago on his morning show. 

We could not be more proud! As we watched the finale last night, I was proud to talk with my kiddo about all of the above. Bobby said, "forget the skeptics, let's do this" and I can't think of a better lesson for my 11 year old to watch play out.

Here's my favorite performance from last night! OH! And how did my daughter react to his winning? Just watch how Bobby and Sharna end this video. 

She flossed for 10 straight minutes in celebration, I swear!

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