Pensacola's WWE Star, Roman Reigns, announces Leukemia is back

If you didn't know this, I'm a WWE fan. I've gone to 3 different events this year alone, and this guy was at all three of them. I first learned about Roman Reigns when I went to a WWE LIVE event in Mobile, AL in January of 2017 (see below). I actually sat on the front row with his mom. Roman (Joe) is from Pensacola, FL. He is a "good guy" in the WWE and beloved is an understatement. Especially around here.

Last night's "WWE Monday Night Raw" started off with some hard, cold reality.  The WWE Universal Champion came down to the ring to announce that he's battling leukemia.

Roman is 33 years old, and he was first diagnosed with it 11 years ago, when he was 22.  He beat it . . . but it's back.  He had to relinquish his title, but he vowed to return. He said, quote, "I'm not going to lie, I'm going to need every prayer you can send my way but I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm not looking for you to feel bad for me because I have faith. "I will beat this, I will be back, and you will see me very, very soon."Roman is part of a three-man group called The Shield with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  And after he was done, they came out for a show of support.

While watching this, I looked over and saw my child crying. I said, "kid, you don't even like Roman" and she said, "not his character. But mom, he's a human." In that moment, I watched my little girl become a young woman with a kind heart. We are sending our love, strength and good vibes to Joe and his entire family. 

You can help people like Roman, and children fighting this terrible monster called Cancer by supporting Conner's Cure, a foundation I will never stop supporting.

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