The trailer for "Mary Poppins Returns" came out today and as I type, I'm tearing up. It's just...lovely. Lovely seems to be the only word I can muster up.

My love for Mary started long ago. As a child, I would watch her snarky yet charming demeanor with such admiration. She was never cross, yet stern. People respected her and wanted to be near her. I feared and adored Mary, and as a child often wished for her to come to my own home.

As I got older and wiser and learned more about the story beyond the "magical nanny" element, I began to admire the character on another level. Mary Poppins is a beacon of happiness and hope not only for children, but for grown adults. 

I cannot wait to see this continuation of one of my favorite stories about one of my favorite literary characters. Uncle Walt would be proud.

Side Note: If you have never seen "Saving Mr. Banks" go watch it. Tom Hanks is Walt Disney and it's about PF Travers and how she didn't want Disney touching Mary Poppins.

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