TAG! You're IT! This woman is my soul sister!

An American woman recently flew to Scotland so she could "tag" a guy friend of hers.  The video takes place at a christening and his family is in on the whole thing!

The family let the woman pretend to be a gardener, and when the friend asks her to move so they can take a family photo, you guess it, she tags him!

 According to their game she had to tag and leave immediately, so she flew back to the U.S. right afterwards. This has absolutely cracked my butt up!! I want to be friends with this girl, and even more so, with this family! This may just be a marketing tool for the new movie, "Tag", but that movie was also based on a real life game, which has me posing the question... How many people out there are playing real life Tag with their friends, and more importantly, how do I get in on one of those games?



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