Steve Carell stars in Marwen

Steve plays Mark Hogancamp, a man who barely survives being beaten by a gang of neo-Nazi thugs.  He copes by making a World War 2 doll village called Marwen.

It includes a doll soldier based on HIM . . . and he's protected by the village's bad-ass women.  All the dolls are based on real people he knows, including his attackers . . . and the movie contains CGI scenes of them in battle.

The most interesting thing about this story is that it's REAL.  Or, I should say it's BASED ON reality.  There really IS a Mark Hogancamp who was beaten by Nazis and created a World War 2 doll village populated by the people around him.

There's even a documentary about him called "Marwencol", which is the actual name of the village.

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