#OldHeadshotDay and a little treat!

If you havent been noticing all of the retro-looking photos on social media, then you probably just don't have social media...because they're everywhere! What started at #OldHeadshotDay has turned into Old Headshot Week and I cannot get enough!! 

Celebrities took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to post their first (or very old) head shots from when they were first getting into the biz! Some of them were stunning. Look up Gabrielle Union's...shes an alien that doesn't age, I swear. Some of them made me spit my drink because they were so funny! Below are a few of my favorites, and a little treat for you. Since you bothered to open this blog post, you get to see my first headshot from my very first job in radio in 2009, and my very first photo (that I thought would make me famous) where I felt REALLY fancy in 1994. You're welcome.

Side Note: I would go to a Glamour Shots RIGHT NOW if it were open. I'm bringing those back.

Above: First job in radio. First EVER photo shoot with a professional. Not sure why this copy is such crummy quality. Side eye is because she actually told me not to look at her. Apparently my smile-on-demand is so goofy that I looked weird and made her feel awkward.

Below: Johnna buys "hip" dress to take photos as the new morning DJ in hopes to persuade her new listeners that she's cool. Spoiler: it doesn't work. Miss those Shades. iPhone First Gen in hand.

Note: this photographer is still a great friend of mine and just shot my favorite photos I've ever done just last summer!

And for making it this far into my blog, I present 1994 Johnna. Hair inspired by Reba McEntire. 1994 was a time to be alive and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.

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