Dear "Diane", "Jolene"??

Sometimes a song just grabs your attention. It could be because of the beat, the lyrics, or maybe for some reason you cant even pinpoint. "Diane" was an immediate favorite for me. 

You hear songs about lyin', cheatin' spouses all of the time in country music. It's not often that you hear a song from the perspective of the woman they cheated WITH. The closest we've come to that is Sugarland's "Stay" which, although Jennifer Nettle's voice is great, makes me sick to my stomach. It about trying to convince your lover to leave their spouse and stay with you and that's just...nope.

"Diane" hits you between the eyes from the beginning. "I promise I didn't know he was your man. I would've noticed a gold wedding band". 

Listen to this song, watch this video, and then re-watch it and imagine "Diane" as the person Dolly Parton was when she plead with "Jolene" (Cam) to please not take her man. #CAMISSMART

I love this so much, and I think it needed to be done. Way to go Cam!!

Johnna and Jolene/ Cam

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