Has JT gone Country, or has Stapleton gone POP?

Justin Timberlake has new music out for the first time in years and this latest single has me scratching my head. He's joined by the incredible Chris Stapleton on the new track, "Say Something" and I'm just not sure if I love it..yet. Often times, I will listen to a new song over and over, taking in different pieces with each listen. Rhythms, lyrics, and feeling all grow with me over time. I thought with these two together, I would be immediately in love, but instead, I'm staring at my screen scratching my head at 4pm in the afternoon wondering what I'm missing.

Justin's roots are country. He's from Memphis, for goodness sake, so the duo makes sense. He's an overall entertainer and oh-so gifted. Stapleton is what I consider "new old country", meaning he brings me back to the legends I grew up with. I love them both individually, but I'm just not feeling this track. If I were to "Say Something" about this one it would be..."I hope it grows on me because I don't want to hate it."

Let me know what you think!



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