Vikings FANS donate $100K to Saints player charity

Vikings fans noticed the good sportsmanship of Saints punter THOMAS MORSTEAD at the end of last week's game, so they donated to his charity.  Since Sunday, they've sent him more than $100,000.  Thomas says he'll give the money to a children's hospital in Minnesota.

Morstead came back on the field to line up for the extra point by the Vikings...he didn't have to be there, but was the first one back out on the field!  

Anyway, a Vikings fan noticed, and thought Thomas should be rewarded for his sportsmanship.  So, he suggested that Vikings fans donate to Thomas' charity, What You Give Will Grow, which focuses on pediatric cancer.  And they did.

By last night, they surpassed $100,000.  One donor gave $10,000, but most gave smaller amounts, including $6, Thomas' uniform number. 

The foundation's director told Thomas that money was flooding in from Minnesota, and he couldn't believe it.  He said, quote, "It's very shocking.  I didn't realize I made such a statement in the game, but a lot of people perceived it that way.  It's nice to see nice people doing nice things."

He wanted to do something in return, so he's giving the donations to a Minnesota children's hospital's 'Child Life' programs.  He said, quote, "The money should stay in their community.  I hope it'll help a lot."

He also said he'll fly back to Minnesota to personally hand the check over to the hospital, and thank the city for their contribution.  He said, quote, "I may be forced to root for you guys all the way through the Super Bowl now."

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